10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

So, you went on your first date. You thought you did everything right, but he never called or texted you again.

Where could you have gone wrong?

Do you never get past the first date and you are wondering what you could be doing wrong?

Are all your friends getting married and you just can’t seem to get them to put a ring on it?

Well, in some cases, you might not have been the problem, but if it keeps happening to you over and over again, then it’s time for you to face the truth.

Honey, it’s not him, it’s you!

Here are the 10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

1. You keep nagging him

No matter how beautiful or smart a woman is, if you keep nagging your man, he will flee away from you as fast as he can. Nobody likes to feel inadequate or insufficient all the time.

Nagging and complaining all the time will create too much negative energy between you. And without knowing it, you will be pushing him away from you slowly by slowly. And one day, you will come back home, and he will be gone. Just slow down, give him a break.

Stop criticizing every move he makes. Appreciate him more often, and with time you will only see the good in him.

2. You are too needy and desperate

Sending him a romantic message once in a while to remind him you are thinking about him is allowed. However, flooding his phone with messages and missed calls is showing him that you are too needy and desperate.

This mostly happens after he fails to call you after your first date and you really, really, REALLY liked him. I know how tempting it can be, but to avoid giving into the temptation, find something to help you pass time as you wait for the call.

If it never comes, maybe he lost your number. You can call him once or drop a message. If he doesn’t reply just let him be. Don’t force it. To avoid this, make sure you don’t send him more than two subsequent messages before he replies.

3. Failing to respect his personal time

Everyone appreciates some personal time every now and then. This is the same for men too. I know you would like to spend the whole day with him cuddling on the couch and in bed taking selfies. However, give him time to hang out with his friends or just some alone time to do his stuff.

If you keep taking up all of his time, he will have to choose between you and his friends. And he won’t choose you!

4. Disrespecting his privacy

Depending on the level of your relationship, there are some things which he might not be ready to share with you. Don’t be all over his phone on the first date asking him who Marissa or Suzy is.

If you dare cross that line too soon, the only thing that you will be seeing is his ass walking away from you. Respect his privacy.

Don’t keep stalking him on Facebook or Twitter, or making him explain why he liked a picture on Instagram yet you haven’t officially started dating.

5. Being a drama queen

All men like a woman who can be subtle and decent. If you keep overreacting and having outbursts on every chance you get, he will go away and never come back. Learn to handle your disagreements in a mature way.

Never raise your voice at him in public, and above NEVER cause an unnecessary scandal (like pouring your drink on him because he tipped the waitress) when you are with him.

6. Dressing indecently

Men will address you according to your dress code. What message are you sending him with your outfit? If you would like to be taken seriously, you have to dress the part.

You must dress in a way that he feels confident enough to introduce you to his friends and family. Otherwise, if you show up on the first date half-naked, then you might have already turned yourself into a one-night stand. You will have made him change any plans he might have for a second date. Dress, walk and talk decently all the time.

7. You are too boring and dumb

Men like women they can have fun with and still have intellectual conversations with. So, stop whining that there are no good men in the world and get yourself off the couch.

Instead of watching fairy tales and soap operas all day long, how about reading a book and watching the news? Play video games with him. Show interest in his job and what he does.

This will make you more interesting to him and he will stay. Otherwise, if all you know is the latest lipstick that Kylie Jenner wears, the only thing you will be left with is your TV and nobody to watch it with.

8. Your standards are unrealistic

Most of these romantic movies and fairy tales have led us into believing that there is a prince charming out there. It is true he is there, but maybe you already pushed yours away! It is good to have standards and to know what exactly to look for in a man.

However, some women have taken it a hundred notches higher. You ask a woman what she is looking for in a man and three years later she is still listing the qualities.

He should be tall, dark, handsome, rich, smart, athletic….I mean, give him a break sister! Just find yourself a good man who appreciates you for who you are and motivates you to be better every day and marry him! The rest will sort itself out.

Don’t wait till you are 40 and desperate to grab onto the next man that comes your way regardless of who he is. Stop pushing men away with all these unrealistic standards or you’ll end up lonely and misused.

9. You are too lazy

If you want a man to wife you, then show him that you are up to the task. It doesn’t mean that you go overboard but at least show him that you can cook and maintain a clean house. Show him that you are responsible enough to keep a home.

Don’t be coming home too drunk and shouting all over the neighborhood, you can barely make him some breakfast and yet you still expect him to propose to you.

Honey, stop pushing him away!

Get off the couch and get your life together. Act responsibly and maturely, and he will stay.

10. You play tooo…. hard to get yet you like him

Men don’t like girls that are too easy. But this doesn’t mean that you overdo it when it comes to playing hard to get. Playing too hard to get can be exhausting and eventually the man will stop chasing you and start looking elsewhere.

If you like the him, let him no and stop pushing him away with immature games and then crying yourself to sleep when he leaves.

Women can be very difficult to understand sometimes (believe me, I’m a woman). However, sometimes we are the reason why things are not working out.

I could still list more mistakes which women make that push men away, but for now, just focus on this ten and start analyzing yourself to see where you could have gone wrong. And when the next guy comes your way, don’t push him away. Because if you keep doing it, he will leave!


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