10 Simple Ways to Turn a Guy on Sexually

language-of-desireIt is quite common for a lot of guys to get bored in a relationship if you have no idea how to turn a guy on sexually.  It doesn't have to be like this though.

Knowing how to turn a guy on isn't always easy because not every guy is the same.

But the only way to find out is by trying out different things that most guys usually are turned on by.

Here are 10 ways to turn a guy on sexually. By following some of these tips, he will want to spend a lot more time with you in and out of the bedroom.

10 simple ways to turn a guy on sexually

1. Text Him Naughty Pictures

This is one of the best ways to make think think about you during the day. The best way to do this is to text him some sexy pictures of you while he is at work.

2. Give him a Massage

Most guys enjoy a sensual massage. Offer to give him a massage and not only will he enjoy it, he would most likely want to return the favorite, which will  eventually lead to him wanting more pleasure from you!

3. Flirt with him

Most men respond well to flirting, but don't overdo it. Be subtle when you flirt with him and try to make him feel comfortable enough so that it is easy for him to respond to you. Simple things like, eye contact and complimenting the clothes he's wearing or the way he smells.

4. Intentionally touch him

Men get very turned on when a woman touches him, especially when he's topless. When you run your hands all over his chest, it makes him feel like you appreciate his body, especially if he works out! You can also give him an erotic massage.

5. Kiss In Different Areas

Although a man likes to be kissed on the lips but it can be even more arousing when you kiss him in other erotic areas such as his neck, his hear, his nipples, biceps and arm pits and inner thigh. You could also try to biting his neck softly and rub both your hands up and down his thighs.  That usually drives men wild!

6. Give him oral sex

This one goes with saying, almost every man absolutely love getting oral sex.  It's no surprise why some men actually prefer a blow job, instead of full blown intercourse. So if you are serious about turning your man on, tease in him bed for a little while.

Don't rush into it and when the moment is right, give him the best blow job he's ever received in his life!  Some men are actually afraid to ask for a blow job, but deep down inside they'd love one!

7. Expose those curves

You don't always need to wear something tight in order to please him. Think something erotic like salsa or tango, and that should get him going for a while.

8. Smell Good

The kind of perfume you ware can really get a man's pulse racing.  Certain perfumes are known to actually stimulate certain parts of a mans brain, that is connected to sexual desire. Go to one of the best perfume stores and ask the store assistant to recommend a good perfume.

9. Tell him what you like

If you are confident enough, you can ask your boyfriend what turns him on, where he likes to be touched etc.  When he tells you, you can get him to describe the feeling and why he likes it so much.  The more detail he gives you the better.

10. Talk Dirty To Him

One of the best ways to turn a guy on is by talking dirty to him. Words alone can be extremely powerful. Not every girl has a stunning looks and a beautiful body. So how exactly can you turn a guy on sexually if you do not think you are sexy? Simple, by learning the techniques thought in Obsession Phrases.

Language of desire is a program for women by Felicity Keith, that teaches you how to turn a guy sexually on using phrases that are mixed with strong emotions that can make any man fall deeply in love with you.

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