20 Messages to Text The Romance Back

So your relationship is going through a rough patch? That's normal but there are ways that you can fix it.

As a woman, there are messages you can text your man that are guaranteed to make him infatuated with you once again.

Let's take a look at 20 messages to text the romance back in your relationship. Some of these messages are sexy and some will just remind him why he fell in love with you.

In addition to the messages, I have included an unbiased review of Michael Fiore's amazing “Text The Romance Back” Program.

20 Messages To Text The Romance Back

The following text messages all have something different that will make him weak at the knees.

They are designed with his needs in mind and he's not going to be able to keep his hands off you after he receives one.

Remember that these are just examples, if you want to change some of them slightly to suit your personal circumstances then great.

1. “I love how you look in that red shirt.”

2. “I wish we were alone at this moment.” (Send this when you are in the same room but with other people too, a private whisper if you will!)

3. “I appreciate the way you always put my needs first.”

4. “The way you kiss my neck when we make love takes my breath away.”

5. “I can't stop thinking about how your body feels on top of mine.”

6. “Tonight, I'm going to wear that black lingerie that you love so much.”

7. “My favorite thing about you is how caring you are, what's your favorite thing about me?”

8. “I want you right now.”

9. “When you get home from work tonight, I'll be waiting upstairs. Don't say a word, just come and join me.”

10. “I love how you smell.”

11. “I feel like a better person when I'm with you.”

12. “I want you to run your fingers through my hair.”

13. “Let's try a new thing in bed tonight.”

14. “I've booked us a romantic meal, be at —- at — o'clock.”

15. “I want you to kiss me like it's the last time.”

16. “I am going to feel your body all over, once you get home.”

17. “Remind me why I fell in love with you.”

18. “My love for you will never end because you are simply amazing.”

19. “Your touch on the saddest of days will make all my worries go away.”

20. “I wish your hands were running down my body right now.” (accompanied by a sexy picture if you wish to make it extra saucy!)

Text The Romance Back Review

What is text the romance back?

It's a program by a man named Michael Fiore and he promises that it will help transform your relationship within just 30 days.

Michael Fiore is a well known for his best selling program “capture his heart” but he's also a relationship expert and a man whose word you can rely on.

Text the romance back is actually designed for women who want to increase the level of romance in their partnership or improve a relationship that might be losing its spark.

Text the romance back is available in eBook format and once you purchase it, you can download the guide and access it whenever you want.

There might be similar programs online but from my own research, this one is better than all the rest.

How much is it?

Text the romance back is just $47, I'm sure you will agree that is a very small amount of money when you consider that it could possibly save your relationship!

You will receive the full text the romance back eBook, in addition to some extra things including audio files that will teach you things you never knew about the opposite sex.

Michael will tell you the kind of text messages that you need to send your man to make him yours forever.

In addition to sample texts (of which I have included by own of above,) he explains the science behind the messages and why they are so effective.

Text the Romance Back

Watch and listen to this video while you read the 20 text message examples below

There are different kinds of texts that you can send him that will turn him on and these all fall into a certain category.

A category of text the romance back messages

Curiosity magnet messages – These will help create and keep an attraction going in your relationship.

Appreciation messages – These will help to keep your partner feeling wanted, respected and needed in the relationship. This is vital for keeping the bond between you strong.

Sensual compliments – These kind of messages kind of fall into the “sexting” category. They are designed to make your man hot under the collar and wanting you.

Text massage and text kiss messages – These type of messages are perfect for couples in a long term relationship and Michael will explain more about this in his guide.


– It's really effective and the positive testimonials from customers all over the world prove it!

– It suits all women, no matter what kind of relationship they are in. You can save a long term relationship or keep the spark alive in something casual.

– There is a support team on hand to help you 24/7 if you have any questions about the program.

– There is a money back guarantee, so if you do not see results you can get a refund – no questions asked!


– Texting will give you a definite boost in your relationship but be sure to work on it in real life too if you want something long lasting.

– Only available online which might not be convenient for all customers.


Now that you know 20 effective text messages to send your boyfriend or husband, you have all the tools you need to save your relationship.

If you find yourself in the position of needing to get the romance back, it's worth buying the Text The Romance Back by Michael Fiore. In addition to just knowing what words to say, it's important that you know the science behind it and this is what Michael will tell you.

You might thing that men do not really care about what words you tell them but that couldn't be further from the truth.

They WILL want to hear how much you appreciate them and how sexy you find them, even if they do not realize it themselves yet! So many relationships fail when the magic gets lost and the couple gets bored, well this will ensure that does not happen.

Text the romance back gives you everything that you need to know to make your relationship hot again!


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