3 Reason’s Why Men Don’t Text Back

This is the real question we have to answer to understand what is happening here and how to
change it.

There are several reasons men don’t text back and they’re all very simple. He knows what you’re going to say. Texting, like conversation is supposed to be exciting.

If your every answer is predictable and boring then why should he even text you at all?

If a guy is feeling this way then he has no motivation to text you back, much less ask you out again.

1. He doesn't think you're interested

This problem comes up time and time again. Playing hard to get is important but HARD is the operative word here. Not impossible.

If he thinks that you either don’t know he exists or hate his guts then why would he want to send you a text message? Make sure your teasing doesn’t cross a line.

2. He's just not excited about it

There are plenty of women I’ve talked to who say “I suck at texting”. Sorry ladies, that’s not an excuse any more.

I can tell you what to say and when to say it to make a guy dive for his phone in the middle of an important meeting.

This is the kind of excitement you need to create to keep a guy interested and excited about talking to you and seeing you as soon as possible.

When I felt my phone buzz in my pocket that day with Janine, it hit me like a bolt of lightning: I’d been ignoring the very thing that was the key to helping her win Ethan’s heart, and the very reason that he’d cooled off in the first place. The answer was in her phone.

3. Texts men hate

This is where we get into the juicy stuff. Not only are there texts that can make any man yours with just a few taps, there are a few that turn off almost every guy and make him want to delete your number. And they’re frighteningly common.

I bet you’ve sent a few of these yourself.

“What’s up?”

You may be genuinely asking him this question but it’s still a boring message. It’s basically saying “Hey, I’m bored but I don’t want to make any real effort to have a conversation with you.

I’d rather make you do the work and entertain me.” Next to some cheesy pickup line, it’s one of the least responded to opening messages on dating apps so why should this conversation be any different?

Starting off with a question isn’t usually the best move but it’s especially bad when it’s something this uninteresting. Variation of this include “hello”, “how’s it going?”, “what are you up to?”

These can be great in person but with texting you need to make more of an effort to put personality and excitement into your texts.

“Hey stranger”

Anything that says “why haven’t you been texting me?” is a mistake. These early stages are about
having fun and getting to know one another. If he’s pulling away then trying to correct his behaviour is just going to have the opposite effect that you want.

Sure enough when I looked at Janine’s conversation with Ethan, my suspicions were confirmed. She was making all the mistakes that I’ve identified in this guide.

The truth was that Ethan and Janine had amazing chemistry face to face but she had no idea how to communicate with him over text message.

She was asking a lot of boring questions. She was giving one word answers to thoughtful questions and then huge paragraphs about her day out of nowhere. Her texts looked like the ones I get from my grandpa.

Ethan not only got the sense that she was bored with him from the way she texted. He felt that she didn’t want to talk to him and that made him not interested in talking to her.

Remember that a lot of guys won’t just relentlessly pursue you if they think you’re not interested. And these are the guys you want.

They’re listening to the unconscious signals you’re giving off even if you aren’t aware of it. And with texting, these signals are louder than they are anywhere else.

Emojis are important

Emojis may not be the most high brow thing in the world but good texting is casual. A couple of emojis can spice up a boring text when you don’t have anything else to say.

Studies show that guys like these emojis the best:

But steer clear of these ones:

With my help, Janine figured out what to say to Ethan and when and after a few weeks, he got the message and asked her out. They’re still together to this day. This may not be the most exciting match I’ve ever made but for me it’s the most important.

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