5 Habits That Men Naturally Fall In Love With

“A lady needs to be two things: elegant as well as magnificent .”– Coco Chanel

Whether you're searching for a future partner, or already have one, it pays to have the right fundamentals in a relationship.

One vital thing about guys is that they don't always know exactly how to convey what they're looking for in a partner .

Many men never exactly learned how to express their emotions when they were younger . So it can be challenging sometimes for them to talk about their desires .

And this leads to misunderstandings and also unfulfilled expectations, which can create problems.

Fortunately, I'm here to offer you an inside view to exactly how men think about relationships. Drawing from my own experience and from helping thousands of men and women, below are the:

Top 5 Habits That Make Men Crazy About You

#1. Playing Hard to Get

I know this may sound like familiar territory , but listen up.

Typically , many women (and guys too !) try to make someone want them by putting on a distant-but- I-might-be-attracted -to-you sort of act.

Additionally , they might wait for an arbitrary amount of time to reply to messages (e.g., a couple of hours, a couple of days, etc. ) so they don't look desperate . Worse, maybe they'll pretend they've got better things to do , expecting it'll make a man more interested in them.

Yet this strategy has a tendency to backfire .

Doing this sends mixed messages – and if it keeps happening he'll eventually get sick of this stilted act .

There's no problem showing interest in a guy , so there's really no need to play silly mind games .

Rather , you can play a different kind of game — one that shows authenticityand builds interest .

Offer him hints that you like him, and be engaged when you're with each other . Experts find that a man begins falling for a woman as soon as they recognize that they are wanted.

As for “playing hard to get” , we're talking about actually being busy… not the sort of busy where you're homesimply ignoring him .

Be engaged with all parts of your life… including your job , your social life , hobbies and interests , and those other things that are vital ingredients for a balanced and happy life.

If that makes you unavailable every now and then , that's just fine .

Richard Wiseman, who wrote the book “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute”, researched thisidea .

He concluded that people that were hard to get gave the impression that they're a high-value person . Nonetheless , they ADDITIONALLY needed to show enthusiasm toward the other person to be attractive .

This way , it placed the subject in a more well rounded and appealing light.

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#2. Rock His World

Essentially , you need to create intense emotions within your man when you're together . He'll then link those feelings to you, which naturally develops the urge to be with you .

In an MIT study , behavior scientists found that individuals have a habit of transferring their feelings from one thought the next.

How does this apply ?

For instance , if you nearly had a car crash on the way to work, you would carry those traumatic vibes into the office . That previous, unconnected experience would affect the rest of your day .

This phenomenon is known as “psychological misattribution” or “emotional leak ” – the human propensity to attach strong emotions to the nearest person or situation , even if they had little to do with it.

Also, this means that becoming physically aroused can easily convert into a sexual attraction. So, if you can find a way to keep shared experiences exciting for him – like going on an outdoor adventure or something physically stimulating — then he'll attach those feelings onto you.

#3: Laugh When He Tells A Joke

For sure , many women respond to this suggestion with a raised eyebrow .

But hear me out – this can be a game-changer in strengthening the romantic connection .

First off , you don't need to be rolling on the floor with tears in your eyes .

But feel free to show it when his attempts to amuse you succeed .

Studies show that wit is a big part of intimacy . As you already know, women like men who are funny since itsuggests intellect (which is an alluring attribute ).

But recent research carried out by Westfield State College, University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University found that “men preferred those who were receptive to their own humor, particularly for sexual relationships.”

It's not about stroking his ego … but more to do with a man's desire to be appreciated by his partner .

You would be surprised at the number of guys who say that “being appreciated” is among the most important things in a relationshipfor them . So, appreciating his humor and personality is a good step in that direction .

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#4: You And Your Crew

A multitude of studies show that having a good friendship group around you will boost levels of attraction to a man who is curious about you .

For example , there's research from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of California which both documented the effect of what's known as “The Cheerleader Effect.”

This basically states that someone ‘s opinion of you increases once you're seen in a team .

On the surface , you might assume it's because you'll seem more sociable and charming .

But there's another angle to it. You see, we have a tendency of categorizing individual components (like shapes, objects and people) into basic groups .

This is mostly a hardwired survival trait to not focus only on one individual thing – but instead take in the entire scene (similar to peripheral vision) . And this mental-process also applies to our assessments of others .

So to boost your allure , you can set your Facebook (or online dating) profile to one of you with a group of good friends . Just check that it's obvious who you are in the photo so you don't disappear in a sea of faces!

If you're aiming to meet a guy in a bar or a party , get your friends to join you . Social proof is a genuine attraction-enhancer , so make use of it .

#5: Appeal to His Sensual Side

No surprise here. Any guy whois into you will obviously desire physical intimacy .

However youmight be stunned — and downright concerned — at the number of women lacking in this area .

Many just don't understand power of using their feminine appeal to pull guys in .

And I'm not suggesting you start acting out an adult film .

I'm telling you to get familiar with his desires and what he likes .

As an example , women under value the immense power of a gentle touch.

Many guys go their entire lives not knowing the pure pleasure of a caring pat on the back, a hug, or other kinds of love .

So utilizing touch is a great method to spark a deeper connection — whether it's brushing against his arm or leg “inadvertently ” …

… or putting your hand on his arm for a moment .

Remember , guys like a flirtatious chase , and the curiosity-igniting process of the “slow burn.”

One more point – there's another characteristic I forgot to mention earlier, yet it's extremely powerful .

A study from Rutgers University found a distinct psychological characteristic in guys known as an “emotional tripwire.”

Now, once you understand exactly how this functions – and how to utilize it (which is very simple by the way ) …

… your guy will quickly get in a state of intense infatuation.

It's like a splinter in his brain , making him incapable of thinking about any other women in a romantic way — except YOU.

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