7 Love Commands That Will Penetrate His Heart – Love Commands Review

In my love commands review, you will discover a program that reveals powerful love commands to instantly attract a man and make him see you as the only woman for him.

When a woman loves a man, she wants to ensure that he has eyes only for her and that he is committed entirely to solving her emotional needs. More than often, this is easier said than done.

To make the whole process easier and to enable women to be able to penetrate their chosen’s hearts, Scott Foster has created one of the most advanced relationship programs available on the market.

Whether you are a woman and you want to discover the secret of making men falling in love with you or you are a man and you want to better understand how you act and think, then the Love Commands guide is exactly what you need.

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Product Name: Love Commands
Product Author: Scott Foster
Product Price: $37
Niche: Dating/Relationship Guide
Refund Guarantee: 60 Day
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What Actually is Love Commands?

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Love Commands by Scott Foster

Love Commands is a powerful relationship program that reveals all the commands you can use to cause the male brain release norepinephrine . Known as the excitement hormone, norepinephrine is responsible for that drive men have when falling in love with a woman.

Men who hear these commands feel a strong urge to love you and care for you, or even to worship you.

These secret words that trigger the production of norepinephrine are so powerful that can break any psychological and physical barriers, making men become totally open to you.

Their fears and phobias are replaced with serenity and love towards you. Even the most unloving men can become loving, affectionate and committed men.

Backed by years of psychological research, this program is created by an expert in men psychology. Scott Foster, the author of this program, has spent years studying the chemistry between men and women.

After looking at numerous studies on love words and men thinking patterns, Foster has put together a program that includes his most useful findings.

This program covers multiple secret love commands that have been proven to penetrate deep beneath the men’s layers of emotional walls and make them see the value of women.

More specifically, you can use this program and the powerful commands in it to attract a man to you and make him see you as the most desired prize to have. Thus, instead of fighting to get a better car, career advancement or that beautiful house by the sea, he will want to get you.

This powerful course offers deep insights into men’s most basic desires and shows you how to capitalize on them in order to make men fall for you and become committed to a long-term relationship. Regardless of your relationship status, the Love Commands training could prove to be a gold mine for you.

This program is for you if:

  • Your husband or boyfriend has become uninterested, emotionally disconnected and cold towards you
  • Your relationship or marriage is at risk
  • You want to revive that passion and love you had in the past with the man in your life
  • You want to better understand men, whether you are a woman or a man
  • You are interested in trying an easy to follow, step-by-step program
  • You want no risks and you need a relationship program that comes with a full money back guarantee
  • You are interested in discovering the insights of true experts in the dating niche and you want to gain access to numerous studies conducted in the men psychology field

Love Commands Review – The Top 7 Love Commands to Penetrate His Heart

Without further ado, here are the 7 most useful commands in this program which you can use to create strong feelings of attraction in your man and make him fall for you like never before.

1. Knot of Commitment

Most men are totally terrified about commitment and marriage, so they will do everything in their power to avoid it. Using the Knot of Commitment command will enable you to change your man’s heart and boost his self-confidence. Your man will become more confident in his power to remain committed and will understand that he needs to stay committed to you in order to make you happy.

2. Desire Reset Command

If your man has no desire for you whatsoever, then it is time to use the Desire Reset Command to ramp up his passion for you and make him crave for you like never before. Using strategic words and actions, you can literally reset the affection and desire of your husband or boyfriend and make him fall in love with you like you’ve never experienced before.

3. Total Devotion Command

As a woman, you require total devotion from the man in your life. However, that doesn’t actually happen all the time. To make sure that he is always devoted to you and he will always look at you as his queen, use this command and transform him into a devoted “king”.

4. Be My Darling Command

You can use this command to make the man in your life happier than he’d ever been. In fact, you can make him so obsessed with you that he will want to spend hours and hours cherishing and loving you.

5. Candy Love Command

Use this command to activate your man’s hormonal system and to transform him into a beast that literally wants to devour you. With the Candy Love command you can become that delicious and tempting woman you’ve always wanted to be. Expect your man to jump on you every single time he sees you around.

6. The Instant Lovebirds Command

This unique command can instantly connect you with your soul mate. Use it to deepen the emotional level between you and to recreate that strong connection you once had.

7. I am your Lady Command

Ultimately, this command is perfect if you have near you a player who is always interested in winning other women. Use the I am your Lady Command to make your man lust only after you and fight just for your feelings.


Love Commands is probably one of the most useful relationship programs you’ve ever come across. Use it to become the queen of seduction for your man and to influence your man’s emotions in order to make him want you above all else. Try this risky-free program now and get a 60-days money back guarantee to protect your investment.


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