8 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys – How To Arouse Your Man

If you want to arouse your man, it really isn't that difficult to push all the right buttons. It isn't as simple as some women think however because he will need a little gentle persuasion, so he knows just how much he wants you.

It doesn't matter whether you've just met a guy in a club who you are interested in or you are in a relationship, the following methods will work.

Below are the 8 biggest turn ons for guys that you can put into action so you can make any man who catches your eye, fall at your feet.

8 Proven Turn Ons For Guys That Will Get Him Aroused

1. Show off your body

Guys first get turned on by what they SEE as opposed to women who like to use their imagination, why do you think men watch so much porn? By showing off some skin in just the right way, is going to hugely turn him on.

Make sure the clothes that you are wearing highlight your best features, whether that be your breasts, legs or something else completely. Low-cut tops are a sure winner with guys but make sure you are not too out there because he will want something to unwrap later.

2. Physical contact will get him hot under the collar

Men are pretty simple creatures and when you touch him; however subtly, he is going to want you. When you are talking to him, gently touch his back or rub his leg with yours if you are sitting down. If you at the kissing stage already, be sure to let your hands run over his body as you kiss him. This will definitely arouse him and make him addicted to you.

3. Don't be afraid to take control

As women, we love our men to take charge but if you reverse the positions now and again, he is going to absolutely love it. Show him what you want with your body language or even suggestive comments.

Look him in the eye for too long, lick your lips or simply take him by the back of the neck and kiss him passionately. If you are already in a relationship with this guy, pounce on him for sex and he is going to be turned on even before your clothes come off.

4. Some old fashioned flirting

You know when you see somebody you like and you very obviously flirt with them? Do this with him, whether it be by playing with your hair, batting your eyelashes, or laughing too hard at his jokes. Flirting combined with all the other steps is going to let him know that you want him and he will soon return the favor.

5. Confidence is key

If you think you are not going to be able to turn him on because you are not perfect-looking, that is not what actually gets a man hooked. Being confident in who you are, is the sexiest thing that you can do no matter what you look like.

There has got to be at least ONE part of your body/face that you like, so accentuate that and stand tall. Don't forget to SMILE, this can make such a big difference on the vibe that you give off. Fake the confidence until you make it and this is going to hugely turn him on.

6. Smell sweet and sexy

A subtle but sweet perfume on a woman has been proven to turn guys on by letting off certain signals in his brain – seriously! In addition to looking good, make sure that you smell good and he will notice. Be sure to spray just a small amount of perfume on your neck, your wrists and between your breasts – this will drive him crazy.

7. Check him out

Guys LOVE to feel wanted and this is sure to make him hot and horny, straight away. So when you are with that special guy, look him up and down. After you do this, you should look to his looks, his eyes and then giggle and look away coyly. This simple technique does SO much.

8. Language of Desire

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