8 Clear Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

Unfortunately cheating happens in relationships all the time.

If you have suspicions or just want to be more aware of what to look out for.

Below you can find 8 signs your man is cheating on you.

If he's playing away, he might show just a few of these signs or all of them.

Catching him before the cheating goes too far, will allow you to take the necessary steps for your relationship, whether you want to try and save it or walk away completely.

1. He cancels plans and is hard to get hold of

Assuming that he disappears for a period of time and you struggle to get hold of him, it could be that he is cheating.

If this happens occasionally, there's likely an innocent explanation but all the time is not a good sign.

In addition to this, if he regularly cancels plans, it could be because somebody else is keeping him busy on the side.

2. He has become suddenly secretive about his phone

If your man was once pretty open about keeping his phone laying around but he's now taking it with him everywhere he goes (including the bathroom,) this is a red flag! He might even freak out when you go to pick up his phone for an innocent reason.

There will be even more of a warning sign if he has put a password on his phone/changed his password so you cannot access it at all.

3. He becomes overly loving

Many people who are cheating become overly affectionate with their partners because of guilt or to throw them off the scent.

If he's turned from a laid back kind of guy into someone who is hugging you and buying you gifts whenever he can, there could be an ulterior motive to this.

Of course it's likely that he is just appreciating what he has got and is becoming more romantic but this is not always the case.

4. He is taking more care of himself

What generally happens when you starting seeing someone new? You make more effort with your appearance, the clothes you wear.etc.

If he is suddenly taking really good care of himself in terms of grooming and his general habits, he could be trying to impress someone else.

5. He accuses YOU of cheating

He does not want to be responsible for his actions and a mixture of this combined with his guilt, could make him accuse you of infidelity. He might be doing this to push you away or due to the fact that he genuinely believes you have to be cheating, just because he is. This is a particular red flag if this kind of paranoia, is really rare for him.

6. He has gone off sex

If he's suddenly gone from 100 to 0 in terms of his desires and the intimacy between you has severely gone down hill, consider that there might be another person in his life.

If he is getting sex off her, he could be too tired to initiate anything with you.

He could also feel too shameful to have sex with you because of what is going on behind your back.

7. He is overly defensive

If you confront him on your suspicions, however calmly you do it, he gets really defensive and starts shouting at you.

If he's innocent, he's more likely to have a gentle response. If he's cheating, he is more likely to make it out like you are crazy and YOU are the one with the problem.

8. You just KNOW

As a couple, you should know this man really well and if your gut instinct tells you something is wrong, then it probably is!

Trust your feelings and if all the other signs add up to him cheating too, you can pretty much be definite that something is going on.


Now that you know the 8 signs your man is cheating on you, it should be much easier to detect infidelity. Keep in mind however that some of these scenarios could be completely innocent.

It's important not to be paranoid in your relationship but also trust your gut instinct if the signs are adding up against him.

Do not accept being cheated on, nobody deserves it because it shows such an immense lack of respect.

Whenever you have suspicions, confront him and go from there.

Editors note: Do you know when a guy is lying to you? He probably lies to you most of the time.

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