How To Arouse Your Man And Make Him Sexually Addicted To You.

how to arouse your manHow would it feel to have complete control in the bedroom and be able to arouse your man before you even take your clothes off?

If you want to be in control and have him wrapped around your finger, then you first need to learn how to tease him.

When men say to women they don’t like when she is a tease, this is so untrue. Men love when a woman teases them.

It also shows she is playful, fun and isn’t afraid to be show her naughty side.

How To Arouse Your Man In The Bedroom

So, if you are looking to drive your man wild in the bedroom, then make sure to please him in bed and if you do it right he will find it hard to resist you.

The exciting thing about a man’s body is that there are so many sensitive areas that is connected to his penis that will make it easy to turn him on and wanting you badly.

For example, a man’s penis is extremely sensitive so when you touch, kiss or lick it, he will squirm and will want you to keep doing it to him.

Other hot spots that will arouse your man is his neck and ears. These are also very sensitive ears that you can explore with your mouth.

He will love you laying on top of him while whispering in his ear sexy words that will drive him crazy for you.

While you slowly kiss his neck and ears, he will find it very hard to keep his hands from touching you and wanting to take your clothes off as well as his own.

A man loves when a woman is on top of him who knows how to be in complete control.

Remember there is no need to rush things, take your time and if you look like you are enjoying the moment, he will too. When you kiss him, kiss him slowly. When you touch him, touch him gentally.

Run your fingers between his thighs is also another great way to get him aroused for you.

The more tension and pressure you put on his body, it will be easier for him to get an erection. Then you will know he is completely aroused and ready to have sex with you.

If you want to spice up your sex life, then you will need to inherit some sex tips that will ultimately drive your man wild for you tonight.

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