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Stroke by Stroke – An Unbiased Review on How To Give Amazing Hand Jobs

An Unbiased Review on the Stroke by Stroke Guide There’s no denying that by now you must have heard about the newest guide that is taking the internet by storm – the Stroke by Stroke Review by Michael Webb. Well, if you haven’t here is a quick primer. It is one of the latest sex guides that … Read more

How To Make Him Go Wild With Pleasure In Bed

How To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

Ladies, if you have a man who loves you and treats you right, then you’ll want to take the time to let him know that he is appreciated as well. Thankfully, men are simple creatures and the best way to reward them for making you feel special is by knowing how to drive him crazy … Read more

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talk dirty to your man in bed

8 Ways to Make your Boyfriend Happy in Bed

For relationships to sustain, achieving physical intimacy is important. Two people feel most complete when their bodies are fully in sync with each other. Though both men and women enjoy sex equally, each responds differently in the bedroom. While most women enjoy softer expressions of love, most men feel turned on when their partner talks … Read more

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Where to Touch a Guy to Turn Him On

While plenty is constantly reported and published about the erogenous zones or spots in a woman’s body, quality content is found to be lacking somewhat when it comes to men. To change the common trend, this article discusses some of the most effective triggers that are present on a man’s body. When aptly served, these … Read more

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5 Top Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man on the Phone

Passion is an integral part of a romantic relationship and can help increase the happiness and stability of the partnership. However, for couples who are involved in a long-distance relationship or are often separated by business trips or other travel, it can be difficult to maintain passion within the relationship when both participants frequently cannot … Read more