How do you subtly tease a guy over text?

So, you’ve got a new guy’s number and you want to tease him over text. Or, perhaps you’re in a long-term relationship and you want to spice things up a little with some sexy messages. Whatever your status, we can all agree that keeping things fun and flirty is key to a happy romance. 

In an age where topless photos and unsolicited d*ck pics are a worrying trend, the art of the subtle tease is being lost. And believe me, it is an art. 

Inserting sexual chemistry into a message, without attaching a photo of yourself that would get you kicked out of your church group, is a delicate process not to be rushed. And the rewards can be heavenly!

subtly tease a guy over text

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can subtly tease a guy over text:

Mix Up Your Messages

This is great for when you’re starting out with a new guy. I don’t recommend doing this with your husband though, it could get you in some trouble (and not the fun kind!) 

If you’re at the beginning of a romantic new fling, you want to keep your man on his toes. Making him think he might lose you to another guy will keep his attention and make him want you even more. 

By “accidentally” sending him some messages that were “meant for someone else”, you can hint to him that maybe he’s not the only guy on the scene. 

The key to this is being ambiguous. The messages could have been meant for another guy, or maybe your girlfriends. Let me give you some examples, so you know what I mean: 

You can then follow these messages up by saying “oops, sorry! Not for you”, or something to that effect. This will drive him wild, as he’ll think you’re texting another guy. 

It’s your decision whether you want him to think that or not. 

You can tell him those messages were for a girlfriend, or you can keep him guessing. The choice is yours! 

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2. Insert some sexual undertones

Sending a message that says “I’m horny” or “I want you” will get you what you want if what you want is sex. Simple. But being so obvious will kill off his urge to pursue you, and that’s half the fun!

If you want to get a guy thinking about you in a sexual way, but don’t want to be completely forward, try adding in some sensual undertones to your messages.

He’ll start daydreaming about you at work and will be dying to see you the moment he finishes. 

Have a look at some of these examples, and see how they are subtly sexual without being obvious:

Can you see how these messages are sexually charged but don’t actually mention sex? You can create your own messages, of course, but anything that draws a man’s mind towards sex will have him wanting to rush over to your place asap.

This works well, not just on new love interests, but your long-term boyfriend or husband too. Keep things hot and steamy by getting them to think of you at work or when they’re out with the guys. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they can get home when they want to! 

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3. Send him fun photos

Ok, so I know I said that photos aren’t subtle, but they can be! To tease a guy, you don’t need to send him pictures of you naked. But some fun, flirty pictures with a cute message will get him hot and bothered in no time.

Let’s look at some examples of cheeky pics you can send him, with a subtly sexy message: 

A picture of a bikini (on the hanger!):

subtly tease a guy over text

A picture of you in your workout gear:

subtly tease a guy over text

A picture of you in some cute sleepwear:

subtly tease a guy over text

None of these pictures and messages mention sex, but they all subtly implant sexy images into your man’s mind. You looking cute in some pajamas is great, but suggesting that you’re too hot to wear them will get him knocking on your door with a bucket of ice in an instant! 

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We live in an age where lots of us document our lives on social media. This means lots of eyes on photos and messages we post every day. But texts between you and your guy should be fun, flirty, and for his eyes only. Make him feel wanted, and tease him into wanting you even more, with sexy, cool, and always subtle messages. 

If you want even more text messaging tips to send a man to make him feel a compulsive need to text you back, to see you, and to be with you…

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how to subtly tease a guy over text

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