8 Powerful Ways How to Dirty Text to your Boyfriend and to Keep Him Wanting More

how to dirty text your boyfriend

How would you feel if you had the power to control your boyfriend's thoughts even though you weren't in the same room? All it takes is a few choice words, and within seconds he'll end up being putty in your hands.

We're going to discuss how to dirty text to keep your boyfriend wanting more, but please be careful or you'll unleash the sexual beast inside him and you will be in trouble when he gets home.

How To Dirty Text


1. Turn Him Into A Superhero

Who in their right mind doesn't want to be a superhero, especially if it's because they pleased you in a sexual way? To drive him wild and make him grin from ear to ear, you should do it as casually as possible.


Tell him you couldn't believe how much your toes were tingling when he went down on you, and you can't wait until he unleashes his skills once more when you see him again.

2. Play The Lesbian Card

Every guy dreams of his girl playing with someone of the same sex, even if they don't want it to become a reality. Take advantage of his dreams by playing the lesbian card, but do it by asking him a question.

lesbian play

Maybe ask him what he would do if he came home and caught you naked in bed with your head in between the legs of another girl.

3. Give Him Power Over You

The trick is to make him imagine he had complete power over you, as opposed to telling him you're his to control as soon as he walks through the door.

sex slave

You can easily do this by texting him about a recent dream you had, which might have involved you being a sex slave who done lots of dirty things under his command. Just don't mention anything specifically you might have done.

4. Tell Him You're Pleasuring Yourself

Don't text him to say you're masturbating, because it's a little too much to the point and leaves nothing to the imagination. You could tell him your hands were a little busy doing something dirty, but you had to stop to send him a text.

pleasuring yourself

His mind will start racing, and after he pulls himself together he will probably start wondering about the state of your wet phone.

5. Little Miss Innocent

How do you make him think dirty thoughts are running through your head while playing innocent at the same time? Come out and tell the truth.

dirty thoughts

Let him know you've been thinking dirty thoughts, but there is a catch. Explain to him they're too dirty to talk about over the phone, and you'll tell him all about them when he gets home.

6. The Impossible Question

Asking him to guess what color of panties you're wearing might have been cool a few decades ago, but now it's far too cheesy. Instead, you can pose an impossible question.

color panties

Let him know he will be treated to unlimited blow jobs when he gets home, but only if he can guess your pantie color correctly. Even though you'll turn him on tremendously, you don't need to tell him if he was right.

7. Shopping For Sex Toys

In any relationship, it's only fair you help each other out with important decisions. What could be more important than browsing online for sex toys?

sex toys

I'm guessing nothing as far as he is concerned, so text him asking if he has any preferences towards any particular toys. Even though you won't actually purchase anything, he'll still be desperate to rip your clothes off when he gets home.

8. Put The Ball In His Court

You could ask him a simple question, but it would be designed to put the ball in his court. He would then have a lot of fun thinking about it and trying to come up with a reply.
how to dirty text

Ask him where he would like you to touch him if he were with you right now. There is only one answer you'll be waiting for, but it will be up to him to reply in the most creative and sexy way possible.

Make Him Obsess Over You

These are just a few ways how to dirty text your boyfriend, but did you know there are secret obsession phrases you can say to any man and they'll obsess over you unlike anything you've seen before?

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