How To Drive Him Crazy In Bed

Ladies, if you have a man who loves you and treats you right, then you'll want to take the time to let him know that he is appreciated as well. Thankfully, men are simple creatures and the best way to reward them for making you feel special is by knowing how to drive him crazy in bed.

Sexual relationships are usually geared more towards the men going crazy over their women and luckily for women, men are easy to satisfy sexually.

Women have more power than they realize over sparking their men's libido and all that it takes to give your sex life an added boost is a little bit of effort on your part.

Women who already know how to drive him wild in bed know these skills intimately.

They've already mastered the moves that keep their men always coming back for more however some women out there may need a little advice on how to keep him excited.

All that it takes is a few small practices and the adoption of certain techniques between the sheets.

The best part about using these stellar techniques on how to make him go wild with pleasure in bed is that they benefit both parties.

The man in the relationship will have the best sex of his life while the woman will feel more empowered and confident that she can illicit such a powerful reaction from her man.

Below you will learn exactly….

How to Drive Him Crazy in Bed

1. Look Good for Him

When we get into long-term relationships we tend to get comfortable around our significant others. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it is encouraged however some of us make the mistake of reaching a point where we stop trying to look good for our partners.

Do not fall into this trap.

Men are visual beings. They get stimulated by visual cues more than any other sensory inputs so keeping yourself sexy is a sure way to have him loving every second of your love-making sessions even when you're years into a relationship.

You don't have to go under the knife or spend half of your week at the gym; it's the small things that count. Take the time to take care for your hair and wear sexy sweatpants that make him want to grab that ass when you're staying in for the night.

2. Invest in Sexy Underwear

The debate is on among men over whether they prefer a woman who is stark naked or dressed in some scandalous lingerie. What they all agree on though is that sexy lingerie is always a good thing.

The beauty of using lingerie to turn him on is that you can use a number of styles to pique his interest. You can opt for classy or trashy, bare minimum cover or showing just enough to keep him guessing.

Choose the style that shows off your best qualities and you can be sure to have your man lusting after you to the point of losing control.

3. Try Some Yoga Together

Yogi's always have to answer the suggestive question of “How flexible are you?” and they always know the person asking really wants to know how bendy then can get under the covers.

It's not a surprising question when you see the kind of positions that most yogis can twist themselves into.

Yoga literally translates from Sanskrit to mean a union of the body and the mind, which is a big advantage when you are in the bedroom.

Two yogis intertwined in each other's embrace are fully in the moment and connected with each other which makes love-making all the more passionate.

Yoga also tightens your muscles and improves your balance so you can be able to try a few of the more more risque positions.

Plus, if you are doing yoga together then he gets to see you bend all the way over in those tight and sexy yoga pants, guaranteed to get his blood pumping.

4. Learn Some New Skills With Your Mouth

Great kissers always make for great lovers but have you ever thought about what else you can do with your mouth to make him go wild with pleasure in bed?

Nibble his ear, brush your lips against his erogenous zones and run your tongue all the way up and around his spine to send shivers of ecstasy all over his body.

5. Be Confident and Take Control

Women usually prefer to wait for their men to initiate sex because men always want it so women know that they don't have to wait long but you can flip the script and surprise him by being the one to get the love-making going.

Men don't say it often but they also want to feel desired and nothing will make him feel more special than having a woman who jumps at the chance to rip his clothes off.

Follow through by taking control of the session and showing him how confident you are in your abilities to please him sexually.

Men usually want to be the ones in control but being with a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it is a great turn-on for them.

Yes, you may have some insecurities about your body or skills but your man is with you because he can look past those problems and seeing you so comfortable in your own skin will make him desire you even more.

6. Send a Few Nudes

As much as you'd love to always have him within touching distance, there will be times when he's out of reach. That doesn't mean that you should let him forget about what's waiting for him at home.

Take out your phone, take a few snaps that would make your mother blush and send them his way. Chances are that he was just about to surf for some porn to keep himself busy right before your raunchy pictures came through and gave him something better to have fun with.

By the time he gets home to you, he won't even have the time to take off his shoes before he has you spread out on the bed.


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