How To Get Guys To Notice You In Public

You come across some guy you really like. You're tired of starring at him all the time and you now want to get his attention.

Truth is, you just sitting around doing nothing but hoping that he will notice you, will definitely not work.

You have to put it in some effort.

It can be really frustrating liking a guy so much and he never seems to be aware of existence. If you want to get a guy to notice you then, follow the tips below and you will thank me later.

Start by loving yourself

Love and be proud of yourself and he will definitely notice you and even want to be part of your life. Be happy with yourself and with what you do. Guys will always tell whether a girl is happy with her life and trust you me if he notes that you are happy with your life and that you love yourself he will love you too.

You have to dress sexy

Truth is, guys are very visual beings. You have to dress well. You know what looks best on you. Go for it. By dressing sexy doesn’t mean you wear overly revealing clothes. Wear something cute and that which grabs attention. A guy will most definitely notice a girl who knows how to dress.

Reveal your best side to him

When it comes to getting a guys attention, physical appearance and confidence all come before a nice personality. You have to accentuate your best asset when he is around. If you are proud of your legs for example, it’s time to stretch them out for him to see.

You have to be fun and lively

Guys love a girl who is fun and flirty. They all love a girl who laughs and who indulges in fun activities. Go ahead have fun and laugh and you can be sure he will be staring at you the whole time.

Awesome fragrance

If there is a thing that guys are suckers for, it has to be girly fragrances. Go for that fragrance that smells really awesome on your skin and as you walk past him, make sure he gets a whiff of it. The guy will have no choice but to float in that nice fragrance and he will be left hoping to smell more of you.

Act kind

If you really want a guy’s attention, you should never act bitchy when he is around. You have to be warm and pleasant to everyone around you. A girl’s kindness draws guys closer to her. Be kind and let people around you like you. You will be surprised to see that even that guy you crazy about is drawn to you for being so kind.

Find an excuse to talk to him

When you alone and he happens to cross your path, take advantage of that golden opportunity. Ask the guy for help. Do you know how much guys appreciate helping a damsel in distress? As you ask for his help be very casual and smile coyly and that will make him notice you and maybe even fall in love with you.

Like you have just seen, getting a guy to notice you is very easy. Guys are visual beings. A good sight will get them hooked in no time. So if you want his attention, play with his senses and you will have him craving for your attention in no time

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