How To Please Your Man In Bed Sexually

So you want to know how to please your man in bed sexually? Most men might not be able to spell it out for their women, but they fantasize a lot and have things that they wish their women would do to them. It's up to the woman to find out what drives her man wild in bed.

When touched, kissed, or pleasured a certain way, man becomes an animal and will give it to his woman as he has never done before.

Although people differ, what works for one man might not work for another, there are common ways that are guaranteed to send shivers up and down every man's spine and in this article, we discuss five of them.

When you learn how to sexually please your man in bed he will keep coming back for more. Read on.

5 Ways To Sexually Please Your Man In Bed

  1. Indulge in oral

You should master the art of giving oral sex to your man. When giving him head, you should enjoy it as much as him.

A woman needs to start slowly and softly, refraining from giving her man too much stimulation all at once. Tease your man before getting the real deal.

You must slowly move your tongue up and down his penis while being gentle at the same time. You need to study his body language to see if he is enjoying it and if he wants more.

It's important to change the rhythm and pace as you involve your lips.

Focus on the tip with your tongue and lips while your hand plays with his testicles. The tip of his penis is much more sensitive and gives him more pleasure than any other part of his penis.

You might need to put a bit of saliva on his penis too while blowing him, the warmth of the saliva will add to the pleasure.

A little tip for the adventurous ladies out there is to experiment with the “hot and cold treatment”. You will need ice or mint and a cup of hot (or warm) water or cup of tea.

What you do is; put ice or mint in your mouth and give him some intense oral sex. Before he loses it, drink the hot water or tea and make sure your mouth is warm before taking him in your mouth all over again.

The alternating temperatures will make him groan with pleasure

  1. Caress his perineum

The perineum is the area that is between his anus and his testicles. If you want your man to moan like never before, gently caress that area.  You must lightly massage that area of his body while giving him oral sex.

  1. Give a lap or pole dance

Most men love a “lady in the street but a freak in the bed”. Be brave enough to try out a lap dance, a pole dance, or a striptease. A man loves to watch his woman getting down and dirty.

Dance seductively, moving your waist and hips as you look deep into his eyes. This makes him anticipate what's coming. Remember, though, you don’t have to break the bank to buy sexy lingerie, anything will do.

Just make sure you have got your act together.

  1. Talk dirty

This will take a bit of practice and getting used to. You don't need any skillset to talk dirty to your man. You just need to show him you are enjoying every moment of the deed by moaning and groaning louder.

This not only boosts his ego, but also sexually stimulates him more. When you have mastered this, move on to saying words like “yes, yes” and “harder”. Soon, you will become a pro at it and your man will love you more for this.

  1. Play with his ears

During foreplay, let your tongue flicker around and in his ears. This always does something to your man. You may put your forefinger in one of his ears while kissing and licking the other. This is one sure way to give him a stiff erection fast.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to try out new things and positions. Try out one or all of the above and see what works for you and your man.

how to talk dirty in bed

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