5 Top Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man on the Phone

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man on the Phone

Passion is an integral part of a romantic relationship and can help increase the happiness and stability of the partnership.

However, for couples who are involved in a long-distance relationship or are often separated by business trips or other travel, it can be difficult to maintain passion within the relationship when both participants frequently cannot be together in the same room or even in the same city.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep the spark and passion alive in a relationship even when intimate time together is not an option. The primary way to achieve this goal is by talking dirty to each other on the phone.

However, many women feel insecure, embarrassed, or frightened to speak sexually through the phone.

If you are among these women, by using the tips in this article, you can learn how to talk dirty to your man on the phone to create a fun, sexually-charged experience that both of you can enjoy.

5 Top Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man on the Phone

1. Be Yourself

Speaking naturally and acting like yourself is one of the most important parts of dirty phone talk. While it's natural to feel slightly uncomfortable, you shouldn't let your discomfort force you out of being genuine. Don't just use pre-written lines from the Internet.

There is no need to sound like a porn star, because that isn't who you really are. Your man will recognize that you're not acting like yourself and the whole experience will likely come out as awkward and unsatisfying for both of you.

The sexiest part of talking dirty on the phone for your man and for you is hearing each other's voices, personalities, and desires come out through an intimate, sexy conversation. If you don't talk or act like yourself, you'll dilute the fun and the sexual energy.

2. Don't Pre-Plan

If you're nervous about talking dirty on the phone, it's expected that you might want to plan out what you're going to say before the conversation starts.

However, if you prepare specific lines before your man even answers the phone, your conversation is likely to turn out stiff and stilted.

Part of the fun of dirty talking over the phone the naughty spontaneity of the content. Once you're in the moment, pre-planned lines will only ruin the flow of your conversation.

Letting the content progress naturally and using your man's responses to guide what you say next leads to a much more natural and passionate conversation.

3. Don't Worry Too Much About Content

There are no specific rules for how to talk dirty to your boyfriend over the phone. Anything can be dirty talk if it is said with passion and emotion. What you say depends on your personality, your man's desires, and your unique relationship together.

Don't focus too much on or what other people have told you dirty talk “should” sound like. When you're on the phone, focus on how you're feeling and take cues from your man on what to say next.

You know what you like and what he likes and it's probable that anything you say is going to come off as sexual as long as you mean it and are passionate about it.

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4. Be Descriptive

Dirty talk over the phone can mimic the intimate conversations you and your man have during in-person sexual encounters.

However, one important difference that cannot be overlooked between dirty talk over the phone and dirty talk in person is that you cannot see the other person when you're on the phone. Visual stimulation contributes significantly to the passion and sexiness of in-person intimacy.

In order to make up for the loss of that visual element during dirty phone talk, it's important to be as descriptive as possible.

Describe what you're wearing, where you are, how your body looks, etc., and encourage him to do the same. That type of deeply descriptive audio stimulation can be even more powerfully sexual than actually seeing each other in person.

5. Have Fun!

Talking dirty to your man over the phone is supposed to be fun and help the two of you maintain passion in your relationship even when you can't be together in person.

Don't worry too much about what you're saying or how sexy you're being. Just be in the moment and enjoy it, and you might discover a whole new side of passion in your relationship.

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