How To Tease Your Man In Bed Sexually

talk dirtyTeasing is a lot of fun and it's a great way to add a little sexual tension to your sex life. So your about to learn how to tease your man in bed sexually.

Everybody enjoys a certain amount of teasing. Men can tease women, while women can tease men and it usually spices up the relationship with each other. That's only if do it right.

If you're not careful it can cause problems and ruin the vibe you have together.

Tips for Sexually Teasing Your Man In Bed

Kiss Withdrawal

Let's say when you go in for the kiss and your man comes closer to meet your lips, you can slowly back out just a little bit and it instantly creates some sexual tension and it will immediately make him want to grab you have his way with you.

Lick And Kiss Around His Nipples

While he's laying on the bed, you can also touch and lick his nipple without making any other contact with him. A man's nipple is very sensitive and this will immediately make him feel aroused.

Kiss And Lick Around His Inner Thighs and Groin

Kiss and lick around his inner thighs and groin area. This will drive him crazy, the closer and close you move in The closer you move in without making any contact with his penis. This will drive him wild. You will both find this to be a lot of fun as the tension continues to build as you get him all excited and wanting more.

Kiss and Lick His Penis

You can also Kiss and slowly lick his penis from top to bottom without allowing him to put it into your mouth. This is a great way to tease your man in bed and will literally drive him crazy and he will be dying to get you to give him amazing oral sex.

Prevent His From Penetrating You

When the time comes and he tries to stick his penis inside of you, you can put your hands against his hips and prevent him from penetrating you deeply. This will build a lot of desire and energy inside of him and will probably make it frustrated, in a fun way.

Final Thoughts…

These things can be a great way to spice up your sex life in the bedroom but if you keep doing them over and over again, it can become boring and it's not a tease anymore.

So I would suggest using this stuff when the mood is right and you are both having fun. But don't do it when your both feeling all serious.

The biggest mistake you can make is doing these things because your read it in a magazine or heard about it online. You want to do it because you already feel connected to your man when your both enjoying each other's company.

Teasing works better when you both feel connected and enjoying the moment you share together. You will know when both of you are feeling a strong communication together and that's when all the teasing will feel more natural when you do it.

When you become aware of how he feels when you do kiss or caress his both, it will give you a better idea of how he feels erotically in the moment.

And when have that awareness of how your man feels, you will know that he is on the same wavelength as you and that's a really good thing because you can build the sexual connection between you even more.

And when you feel you are teasing him too long, and the sexual tension fades away, it's time to stop the teasing and start directly stimulating your man.

So if you use your partner as a guide instead of practicing teasing tips you read about on the internet, teasing will be super fun and become extremely erotic.

Give these tips a go and you will know how to tease your man in bed tonight, but it really helps if he seems in the mood for it.

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