How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Text

When a guy asks for your number it's usually a clear indication that he is likes and wants to stay in touch with you.

Texting is much more effective for building attraction unless you both have already flirted and teased before you exchanging numbers with him.

Otherwise both of you will be sending mixed signals that would create uncertainly at the beginning.

How to tell if a guy likes you over text? Glad you asked….

Here are 10 signs a guy likes you over text

1. He's The First To Text You

If he is sending you messages and it's not always you having to start the conversation, you can be sure it's a good sign he likes you.

The reason why is because it shows that he is making the effort to talk to you and he is actually thinking about what they say before he texts you.

If he is the first to send you a message and you're not the one always having to think of something to say or just send him a text to start a conversation, then I think that's a clear sign a guy likes you.

On the other hand….

If you find that the guy is always the first one to send messages like, “good night”, “good bye”, or “see you later”, it's not a good sign that he likes you.

If he's sending you these kind of messages it usually means he just trying to end the conversation before you are finished texting, or if you want to keep texting but he doesn't.

So if you find that you're the one who has to end the texting then it's obvious that he likes you because he doesn't want the conversation with you to end.

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2. He replies quickly to your texts

If the guy responds back quickly to your texts it means he likes you as it shows he wants to get to know you, hang out, date and possibly want a relationship with you.

Responding quickly to your texts also shows signs of attraction in a person. He might also enjoy talking to you as he could be looking at his phone waiting for you next message to come through.

3. He texts you “Good Morning” or “Have a Great Day”

When a guy texts you “good morning or have a “great day” or something along those lines, then it's a clear sign that's he likes you and is thinking of you.

Here are some text examples that guy might send a girl first thing in the morning to show that he likes her:

Good morning babe, can't wait to see you later

Good morning, I was dreaming of you all night

Good morning gorgeous!

Good morning sweetheart, The sun is shining and I was just thinking of you.

Just thinking of you this morning, brightens my day!

4. He Ask You Personal Questions

how to know if a guy likes you over text

When a guy really likes and potentially wants you to be his girlfriend, he will ask you personal questions because he is wants to get to know you on a deeper level so he will ask your interests and the things that you like. 

If he asks, “What are you most passionate about right now”, “What's your favourite food and why” or “What's your favourite movie of all time” he is just trying to find out what excites you and to find similar interests.

He might also mention something that you mentioned before, that shows he is actually was paying attention to you.

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5. He Flirts With You Through Text

It's obvious he likes you when he starts sending you flirty texts with emojis with the tongue sticking out, the egg plant, the peach and smiley face.

When a guy sends these type of emojis it's clear he is making an effort to flirt and be playful with you.

Why else would he be flirty and playful with you? Yes, Because he likes you!

6. He texts you “Good Night”

No matter how your day went, “if he send you a “good night” text he wants to be the last thing that you think about before you go to bed.

This is his way of reaching out to you one last time before the day ends.

How cute of him!

7. He texts long messages

Generally most guys don't enjoy going back and forth will long text messages with their guy friends of family. But if you notice him sending you long replies, it means he has dedicated extra time to you instead of texting one-word answers, shows that he truly does like texting you.

It just shows he wants to give you thoughtful answers that can be built on.

8. He Texts You Compliments

When a guy compliments you through text this is a clear indicator that he likes you and to try to get you to compliment him back so he knows that you are interested in him.

Also you will know if he compliments are genuine when he texts you things like ,”You look so confident/ happy/ glowing.” … or “Your mind is just as sexy as your beauty”, depending on what you have been talking about of course.

9. He doesn't keep you guessing weather he likes you or not

If he has already flirted, teased you over text, then you will know he is likes you. Even better, if he just directly texts you “I really like you”, “I'm so happy I met you”, “I like spending time with you” then you're on to winner.

Every guy is different, but you will know in the early stages of the way he acts from the moment you met him and while texting him, if he is congruent or not.

10. He Confirms His Plans With You

If he sends you reminder texts like “Pick you up tomorrow night at 9pm?” or “I’ll see you on Saturday, ok?” – means his plans are important to him.

If his plans weren't so important to him, he probably wouldn't be concerned with confirming them with you. Whether you don't respond back or cancel your plans with him, either way, he'd be ok with it.

So when he texts you to confirm a date with you in advance – it means he is looking forward to spending time with you.

I hope you liked this article on how to tell if a guy likes you over text. I hope that it has helped you some of these questions that you ask yourself when you exchange numbers with a guy you like.

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