How To Turn A Guy On Over Text Without Being Obvious

We all know the story. You meet a guy, maybe have a couple of drinks and then swap numbers. So, now what? You want to see him again but you don’t want to come across too keen.

While you may have your own rules as to when it’s appropriate to text him (1 day, 3 days, etc.) but what do you actually say to him? “How are you?” is fine and everything, but it might lead to days of lackluster messages that go nowhere.

After you’ve exhausted topics like the weather and sports that you may or may not be interested in, what’s next? You don’t want him to lose interest, but you also don’t want to throw yourself at him and scare him off.

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So, how do you turn a guy on over text without being obvious? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are some tricks to getting him hot and bothered and, most importantly, dying to see you as soon as he possibly can.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some great ways to…

Turn a guy on over text without being obvious

Don't be obvious

Ok, so that sounds silly and, well, obvious! But seriously, coming on too strong or being overly sexual can be off-putting and sometimes even a bit scary for a guy.

Remember, most men like the thrill of the chase, so offering yourself up on a plate can kill off a man’s desire to pursue you instantly.

Instead, play it cool but let him know that you’re interested; just, not that interested. For example, if he asks you what you’re doing, don’t reply with “bored. Wanna hang out”.

He’ll know that you want him to come over, and it may lead to sex, but you’ll have made it way too easy for him.

So, if he asks you what you’re doing, say something like “just staying in by myself.” This will imply that you want company, but you haven’t asked for it.

Now he’ll be thinking of ways to invite himself over to keep you “entertained” for the evening, but he’ll have to bring up the subject, not you.

This is also a great way for you to see how keen he is to see you again, and now you’re making him work for your attention.

Be Ambiguous

The great thing about texts is that you have time to think of the perfect reply. How many times has a guy you liked asked you a question in person and you’ve said something completely weird and random, just to answer quickly?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! But the joy of messages is that you can take your time and think of something smart, funny, and sexy to respond with. And this gives the opportunity to be ambiguous, as in, to send a message where your meaning is unclear.

This way, he’ll have to ask you for more information, and he’ll start wanting to see you in person.

For example, a message asking about recommendations for a good film to watch and a great local takeout will make him think that you’re about to invite him over……until you mention that 10 of your besties are coming over for a movie night.

This will tease him and make him want to come and see you. He will probably also be thinking about you that evening, knowing that you’re having fun without him. Plus, he’ll be wondering what your sleepwear looks like!

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Make Fun of Him

Ok, so be careful with this one! I don’t mean to send him a message and call him an idiot. But flirting with a guy and turning him on can be done with some subtle little jibes and jokes. A good example is telling him that you think he won’t be able to do something.

This technique works because it’s not just a fun challenge, but it brings out a man’s natural competitive side and will make him want to prove himself to you.

For instance, bring up a conversation about drinks over a text. Maybe tell him that you’re meeting some friends, and will probably be doing shots.

Then tell him that you can handle your booze, and you could probably drink way more than him anyway. Then add in that you’d probably have to take him home at the end.

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This is particularly clever, as now he’ll want to take you out for drinks (great!), he’ll want to prove himself to you (bringing out his masculine side), and finally, now he’s thinking about going home with you (triple win!).

All this will get him imagining a fun night out with you, and how it could end. He’ll be trying to take you out as soon as he possibly can!

Make him wait

Patience is a virtue, as they say. So, if you get a text from a guy you like, and you want to get him hot, make him wait for you. Take your time to respond and, when you do, don’t write an essay! Send him some light, flirty messages that are a little ambiguous and that tease him a little.

He’ll be asking you questions and wanting to see you as soon as he can. And, if you can’t think of anything cool to say, just don’t reply! The waiting will kill him and he’ll be checking his phone, waiting for your response.

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When you do eventually get back to him, don’t apologize for keeping him waiting. Simply say something like “I was so busy today!

Speak later?” This will drive him out of his mind because now you’ve messaged him back but you’re still blowing him off. By the time you actually get back to his question, invitation, etc. he’ll be dying to see you!


Texting a guy should be fun and spontaneous, but it can be a great way to get your guy thinking about you in other ways too. With the right messages, you can turn a guy on without being too obvious. Just wait, he’ll be banging on your door any day now.

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