How to Turn a Guy on Physically

It’s an age-old problem. You know what turns you on, as a woman. But getting your man all hot and bothered is a mystery.

Obviously, there’s one place that we know will get a man turned on instantly, but you don’t want to go for gold straight away! 

So, how do you get a man geared up and ready for some hot and steamy action? And how do you do it without reaching for his crotch? Well, there are lots of erogenous zones that may not be so obvious at first. And I’m going to guide you through them.

But first, I want to make one thing clear. Just like women, all men are unique. And their turn-ons are all different too.

While some guys might love you to touch their ears, for other guys it won’t do anything at all. So what I’m about to tell you isn’t a one-size-fits-all type deal. 

That being said, discovering what your man does and doesn’t like is a fun game! In fact, getting to know what arouses him will probably turn both of you on, and make your relationship hotter all round.

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If you both know how you like to be touched, then your sex life will go from strength to love.

So making the effort to find out what revs his engine will set you up for a hot and steamy relationship that never fizzles out. 

So get ready to learn how you can drive your man wild with sexual desire. And how to make him want you even more than he already does. 

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at…

How to turn a guy on Physically

Touch his neck and jaw 

How to turn a guy on physically

Running your hands along a man’s jaw will set off his masculine energy. This area of the body is sensitive, yet it’s also charged with testosterone, making it the perfect place to turn up the sexual heat. Softly run the tip of your middle finger along his jaw, outlining the jaw bone.

This will make your guy feel strong and masculine. And this will naturally bring out his sexuality. 

By contrast, the neck is a delicate area for all of us, and gently running your fingertips up and down his neck will get your man tingling all over. Focus some attention to the area where the thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck.

This gland is known for producing important hormones that ignite a man’s sex drive. So stimulating this area can switch on his libido in an instant.

Gently touch or stroke up and down the front of your man’s neck. The soft-touch on his skin, and the stimulation of the thyroid area, will bring him to the brink of excitement. 

Stroke his forearms 

This may not seem like a very sexual place at first! We all know that strong guys like to show off their big biceps (if they have them), but we often forget about the lower part of the arm.

A man’s sexual prowess is reflected in how strong he perceives himself to be – hence the bicep parade! However, the forearm is just as important when it comes to physical strength.

And it is also closely connected to the hands, which have thousand upon thousands of nerve endings.

So, when you touch a man’s forearms, you’re caressing an area where he feels strong. As well as stimulating lots of nerves that go around his body. 

Try stroking your guy’s forearms gently, and watch him relax. After a while, this relaxed state will turn his thoughts to other types of pleasurable sensations, as you set off all that sexual energy up his arm and to the rest of his body! 

Touching a guy’s forearm is also a great non-sexual way to show a new man that you’re interested in him. But hold on – I’m not suggesting you stroke a stranger.

That might get you into some trouble! But, you can show a guy you like him by gently touching his forearm while you’re speaking to him.

A couple of light touches, or a well-placed squeeze, will send all the right signals. And you may just end up with a new date this weekend. 

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Touch the inside of his thighs 

touch his thighs

Ok, things are starting to heat up a little now! I know what you’re thinking…and the good news is, he’ll be thinking it too. 

The inside of the legs, for both men and women is a sensitive zone. And, of course, it’s very close to the crotch area. But don’t just go straight up the leg to the ‘jackpot’.

Instead, concentrate on his inner thigh area. Because it’s such delicate thin skin, it’s extra sensitive to light caresses. And your gentle strokes will send him into sensory overload! 

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The skin of the inner thighs is full of nerve endings. And, right at the top, it’s also home to lots of lymph nodes. This makes this area particularly sensitive as, effectively, it’s a vulnerable zone on the body.

A man needs to be very relaxed and confident in your presence to let you touch this area of skin. So treat it gently.

Soft, brush-like strokes and tender kisses will ignite his libido, and this sensual activity can be enjoyed by both of you. So, if you can hold on long enough, you’ll both be eager to stroke each other into a state of sexual bliss! 


We all love to be handled with care, and physical touch can be comforting and make us feel special. But touch can also lead to other things. And, if you’re delicate and touch all the right places, it can lead to fantastic, tender and erotic sex between you and your partner. 

Try touching some of the erogenous zones we’ve talked about today. And see how long your man can handle being gently stroked and caressed before he wants to touch you back! Believe me, you’ll be happy that you did.

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