Infatuation Scripts Review: How To Avoid Rejection From Guys

You know the story: you meet a guy and there's an instant spark. A few months later, your new relationship is still going strong and you can't believe your luck. He's cute, funny and smart.

You have so much in common and he makes you laugh. But then, out of nowhere, he says the dreaded words “we need to talk” and before you know it, you're sitting in the street alone, wondering what you did wrong and why you didn't see the break-up coming.

Doesn't he think I'm pretty anymore? Did I say something stupid at his boss' dinner party last week? Maybe his parents don't like me! These are just some of the things that go through your mind. We've all been there, and it isn't your fault.

Men are always keeping their options open and holding out to see if something, or someone, “better” comes along……but what if there was a secret on how to avoid rejection from guys?

What if you could make him sure and committed to you? What if you could guarantee that he never has eyes for anyone else? Welcome to The Infatuation Scripts Review…

What Are The Infatuation Scripts?

These scripts on how to lock in your man for life, and keep him 100% committed to you, are the brainchild of Clayton Max, whose background is in applied psychology, body language and acting.

He has dedicated his life to helping couples and has consolidated his experience and knowledge into these scripts, teaching you how you can keep your partner completely infatuated; to make him sure and committed to you. 

How Do The Infatuation Scripts Work?

By looking at the reasons why many men are so resistant to commitment, and why a man may leave you in order to pursue someone else, we can start to uncover the psychological workings of men's brains.

Why do men choose some women and reject others? Does the other woman have something that I don't? The truth is these women who seem to “win” their man and keep him interested have already learned the lessons you'll uncover with The Infatuation Scripts.

There are 3 basic scripts to getting a man to be infatuated with you.

Let's look at each of them:

The Curiosity Script: when a man meets a woman, he doesn't want to know her life story in 10 minutes. Men like to be challenged; keep him guessing and remain aloof.

By holding back information about you, he'll naturally want to learn more, creating curiosity and mystery around you. By the end of the first date, he'll be so intrigued that he won't be able to resist asking you out again. 

The Investment Script: now that your man is curious and wants to know more about you, it's time to make him work a little harder! The more effort he puts in to getting to know you, the more he will feel he has ‘invested' in the relationship and won't want to let you out of his life. 

The Uncertainty Script: imagine turning the tables on a guy and making him feel like you're the one who might walk out and find something better.

By giving off signals that you're not sure about the relationship, you plant the seed of uncertainty in his mind. Keep him guessing and watch how much harder he'll work to not lose you. 

And these are just the basics! There are 12 infatuation scripts in total, including the 3 mentioned above, plus 9 more. When you purchase the program, you also receive 4 bonuses:

Commitment Calculator: in this book you will discover what makes men afraid of commitment and how to avoid sending your man running.

Why Men Shut Women Out: a guide to why men reject some women, including a question and answer section for you to complete and apply to your everyday life. 

Make Any Man Yours For Life: written by relationship coach, Amy North, this book goes into the intricacies behind cheating and avoiding getting cheated on by your partner.

Chapter Recap Videos: go over anything you may have missed again but these easy video recaps.


The Infatuation Scripts Review is a well-rounded product for women who are looking to get all The Infatuation Scripts plus loads of additional extras.

If you've experienced unexpected break-ups in the past, and want to know how to avoid rejection from guys, this program is full of fascinating information about the psychology of men and their minds and great tactics to improve your future relationships. 

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