10 Common Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Sex

Sex is something fun and intimate that couple experience together to only heighten the bond that they have together. While many women have sex regularly, there are still some errors they are making when they are with a man.

Let's take a look at the 10 common mistakes women make when it comes to sex, so that you can avoid them!

1. Being self conscious

We all have bits of ourselves that we are not too keen on but just relax. He is having sex with you because he finds you attractive, so don't worry about your wobbly tummy or less than perfect breasts. He knows that porn isn't real and does not expect you to look like one of those women. Confidence is the best trait you can have when you have sex. Let loose and you will soon notice an increase in pleasure as a result!

2. Not initiating it

Yes, it's nice for the guy to make the move at times but when you initiate sex, he is going to find that such a turn on. Whether you are dressed in some sexy lingerie to seduce him or you just jump on him when he comes home from work, it's sure to be effective. Men like to feel wanted just like we do, so when you show you want sex with him, he is going to be even more comfortable around you.

3. Not giving blowjobs

Not giving your man an amazing blow job or any type of oral sex for that matter, is not a good idea. He needs time to warm up just like you do, so take your time on him and it will make him even better in bed when it's time for the final act.

4. Not being clean

This doesn't necessarily mean shaven, just make sure all those important bits are smelling (and tasting) clean and fresh! Why not suggest a pre-sex shower for the both of you to share? This can be a part of foreplay and will ensure you are both prepared for intimacy.

5. Not connecting emotionally

Sex should not be a quick thing that is just done to scratch an itch. If you are with a partner who you love, it's important that you show him this through the way you are with him. Kiss him passionately as you make love, caress him and look into his eyes. This is guaranteed to make for a memorable experience rather than something forgettable.

6. Sticking to the same thing

Trying new things in the bedroom will make sure it is always fun and exciting for you both. Why not try some kinky things? Like bringing toys into the bedroom or possibly handcuffs and more! Having sex in places other than the bedroom can also be fun. The likelihood is that he is dying to try some new things but is too scared to tell you, so ask him what he wants and go from there.

7. Being too quiet

A guy doesn't want to feel like he is having sex with a mannequin, so don't be afraid to make some noises of appreciation! These should not be over the top of course but just show him that you are having a good time and this will be a turn on for him too.

8. Faking orgasms

If you can't quite get to the place you want to be, don't pretend! Faking orgasms might seem like the best thing to do for his ego but it's not helping the relationship. If you are using porn star type moans, he is probably going to know this is fake anyway, he isn't stupid! If there is anything he can do to improve or you feel like you might be able to orgasm in a different position.etc. TELL HIM! He will likely appreciate your honesty and strive to make next time even better.

9. Dirty Talk

It's perfectly fine to talk dirty to your man when you are having sex is fine but do not overdo it and say things that are way over the top! Many women even talk about the most mundane things when they are having sex, it's really off putting. Now if the time to connect with your body and your eyes, not words!

10, Being too serious

Occasionally funny things happen during sex and you should roll with these instead of being embarrassed. Bodies make strange noises from time to time, perhaps you've even accidentally hit him in the face while changing positions. Laughing about these instances and moving on is the best thing to do.


By being real in the bedroom and avoiding the other mistakes that women make, it will be a better experience for you and your partner. The more amazing it is, the better you will feel around each other in day to day life. It's been proven that couples who have good sex are actually more likely to go the distance. Remember that practice makes perfect, so get between the sheets and just have fun.

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