Stroke of Genius by Cassidy Lyon

stroke of genius reviewStroke of genius is basically a non-magical program by Cassidy Lyon that teaches women how you can touch your man's private parts for maximum pleasure using the stroke of genius techniques.

It promises to teach you about hand job secrets that have been hidden from you for ages.

The techniques reveal the truth about men’s bodies, how to sexually excite and how to make any man addicted to you by simply pleasing him your hands.

The eBook also shows you how to know what he really thinks about you in bed, and the things he will never tell you about your sexual skills.

The stroke of genius is not like any other program, it’s a genius combination of true and practical techniques that Cassidy discovered after interviewing lots of men and trying each technique practically on her boyfriend.

In this stroke of genius review by Cassidy Lyon, you will learn how the program works and how to apply each technique.

Special Note: This is just a product review on the techniques that are included in the program. Click here to visit the official stroke of genius website to download the program directly from Cassidy Lyon's website and qualify for a special discount with a 60-day-money-back-guarantee. 

What’s included in the product?

Now, before we dig into the benefits, let me just mention that you are about to learn incredible secrets on how to give your man the most intensive pleasure of his life.

And the amazing thing is, you don’t even have to take off your cloth.

There is a lot of recruiting, testing, teasing, interviewing and practicing that has gone into this program to make sure that you get nothing but the best; the most hidden secrets for your man’s ultimate sexual pleasure.

The program reveals the 6 stages of an incredible hand job that all men know but elusive to women.

The six simple steps comprehensively demystify the entire process of male arousal and orgasm.

Essentially, the program hands you the sexual superpower to bring any man to the most intense moaning, roaring, growling, toe-curling, back-aching orgasm of their life.

  • Six secrets of a wonderful hand job: this phase will teach you some of the least known, but very essential elements of a more than perfect hand job and how you can always score 100% when performing hand jobs to your guy
  • Masturbation escape Plan: The ideas and tricks offered here will teach you what you need to discourage your man from paying attention to masturbation and porn and instead focus on making sure you are fully pleasured and happy.
  • Hands-Off Hand job Agreement: Here is where the Stroke of Genius eBook teaches you how to use hypnotic language and psychological triggers to attract the attention of your man when he tries to resist your attempts to give him hand jobs.
  • A collection of tested explained and illustrated hand job techniques: this phase of the eBook has several techniques including Tantra techniques, erotic films and the best traditional methods to arouse your guy’s feelings and make him always want to have you around.
  • Some of the most popular techniques you will learn in this section include Tantalizing Twister, Kiss Of The Fingernails, Rub-A-Tug method, Soft Pleasure Method, The Tip Swirl and Two Hands On The Wheel method.
  • Prostate Percolator: this section of the Stroke of Genius will introduce you to some of the best tips and tricks you can use to caress your man’s prostate to boost his masculine pleasure.
  • Scaling The Mountain: this is where you learn the basic tricks on how to keep your man’s ejaculation in control.
  • Full Body Hand Job: in this phase, you will learn the hypnotic techniques to use so that your man allows you to massage various parts of his body. This is especially handy if your guy is a little shy or reserved.
  • How to make your man maintain an erection for long: finally, there is a collection of different techniques and tips to make your man’s erection stay hard for longer. This is very important especially if your man doesn’t particularly last longer that you would wish. Some of the techniques here include Nook, Piano Man and Cranny techniques among others.

Pros and cons


The Stroke of Genius has so far attracted a growing number positive reviews and feedback both in the online and offline communities. Any stroke of genius review by Cassidy Lyon you encounter online is littered with flowery mentions of its benefits, effectiveness, and affordability.

It has also found its way on top of the trending items on most sites and blogs, for all the good reasons. This increased popularity and adoption of the program is linked to its benefits which include;

  • Proven and efficient: the Stroke of Genius is so far the most comprehensive collection of illustrated, tested and explained hand job and stroke techniques that guide women, step by step.
  • Guaranteed efficiency: Stroke of Genius program guarantees great results. The method has already been tested and confirmed by thousands of women and proven to work, so you don’t need to worry about wasting your hard-earned money on scams.
  • Money back guarantee: the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee just in case the eBook does not hit all the right notes. Chances are you will never need to use this feature.
  • Free Hand job interviews: The pack also comes with a free video containing hand job interview from six different men. Honestly, where else can you get hand job video interviews?
  • 50 Intimacy Ideas: want to make things a little more interesting in the bedroom? Well, apart from that Stroke of Genius techniques, the program comes with 50 well-researched techniques that will teach you how to pull your man closer, arouse him emotionally and make him want to tell you his deepest secrets.
  • Easily available for purchase and download: the eBook can be bought and downloaded at anytime you want.
  • Cost-Effective: The value of the whole package is estimated to be over $480, and yet you only pay $37 and you get the whole program.


  • The eBook is only available in digital form, so if you don’t fancy reading long stuff on a digital screen, then this eBook may not be a perfect solution.
  • You need to invest in some level of consistency to maximize the benefits of the program
  • Some techniques may be a little difficult to implement if you are not particularly the “outgoing” type.


The 100% money back guarantee shows that Stroke of Genius Techniques by Cassidy Lyon actually works. Looking at the program benefits and all the bonuses it comes with; we can say that this is not only a genius product but an excellent pleasure tool that each woman should have in her secret fantasy locker.

With total value close to $500 at an extremely low price of $37 and numerous proven benefits, you should definitely add this to your pack of sexual fantasies.

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