The Top 10 Things That Men Secretly Want But Are Afraid To Tell You

Men and women are very different in the way they think, the way they react to different situations, and especially in the way that they communicate their thoughts and emotions.

It's because of these differences that conflict can arise in a relationship, so finding ways to break down those barriers and overcome those differences would be very beneficial for any couple.

The following are 10 things men secretly want but are afraid to tell you:

1. He Wants To Be Complimented

Men don't like to admit that they have insecurities, but they do. Our society expects men to be strong so for most men the idea of admitting that a compliment every now and then would make them feel better about themselves is unthinkable. But make no mistake about it, saying something nice about your man can make a world of difference in how he feels about himself, which will only serve to make your relationship stronger.

2. He Wants You To Show That You Desire Him

For a man to feel like a man he needs to feel like a strong, sexual, virile being. He needs his partner to look at him in a way that lets him know that she finds him attractive and desirable. This is especially true in longer term relationships because passions fade with time, which can make a man wonder if his partner still wants to be with him. So whisper something sweet in his ear every now and then, touch him in a sensual way, and let him know that you still want and desire him.

3. He Wants Sex To Be Dirtier

Most men won't admit it but when it comes to sex they like it hot, heavy, and dirty. They want you to be their respectable partner in public around others, but in the bedroom they secretly want you to talk dirty to him and even to be a little slutty at times. It's this type of sexual relationship that will keep a man engaged and committed to his partner and help their bond to stay strong.

4. He Wants You To Play Video Games And Watch Guy Movies With Him

Guys are testosterone driven creatures that generally love action movies and video games. While he may not admit it your partner would probably love it if you would take an interest in these areas and spend some time doing these types of things with him. Who knows maybe you'll even learn to like action movies and zombie killing video games.

5. He Doesn't Like You To Wear So Much Makeup

This may seem like a strange one but the truth is that most men like women to have a more natural look. This doesn't mean you should go makeup free, it just means you should tone things down a bit. Remember your man sees you in the morning before you have put anything on your face so going a little lighter in the makeup department won't show him anything he hasn't already seen before.

6. He Wants To Have To Pursue You…To A Point

While men tend to have simple appearing needs the reality is that most of them would appreciate a little bit of pursuit to liven things up. Over time a relationship can grow less exciting so making your man work a little bit to get your affections may be just what it's order to spice things up.

7. He Wants You To Initiate Things With Him

This goes back to showing your man that you still desire him. He may act indifferent but the truth is that most men love it when the woman in their lives makes the first move. Whether it's kissing him unexpectedly, or taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom, taking charge can really turn a guy on.

8. He Wants To Have More Sex

Yes he may be tired, and he may not feel his best, but despite his protests rest assured that your man wishes the two of you could have sex more often. Human beings are sexual creatures and in order for a relationship to be strong then the physical needs of both partners need to be fulfilled.

9. He Wants You To Get Off His Back

Men do tend to be less mature in many ways than women are, and in many cases a woman is forced to take on more responsibility in a relationship to make sure that things don't veer off course. But just because you have to be the responsible one doesn't mean that you should constantly be nagging at your man. Make sure you point out any issues that come up, but don't do it all the time, and try to let the little stuff go.

10. He Doesn't Want To Go Shopping With You

Unless you are out shopping for guns, sporting equipment, or something else masculine your man does not want to be there with you. Men find going to the mall or other stores to look at shoes or clothes to be incredibly boring. So let him sit at home and watch sports while you enjoy some time alone, or better yet some time with friends.

I hope that these 10 tips helped you know what men secretly want so that it should make it easier for to understand his needs, desires and emotions.  Men want to feel like you understand them and when you give him that he will want to spend as much time as possible with you.

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