Top 10 Most Powerful Techniques to Seduce Him

The art of seduction is quite an interesting game, but more than often quite difficult to put into practice due to the lack of advice women have access to.

However, seducing your man or a stranger becomes an easy call when you are made aware of men’s top weaknesses. Once you are able to master certain seduction techniques, some very heated action is quick to follow.

If you are reading this article, you’re probably quite interested to discover the top 10 most powerful techniques to seduce him.

Without further ado, here are some of the genius tricks you can use to turn him on and to literally make him fall at your feet and worship your beauty.

Top 10 Techniques to Seduce Him

1. Choose your Battlefield Well

The “where “ is crucial to your success in seducing him. For example, choosing a sports bar during the Superbowl might not be the best choice. Conversely, going out to a romantic dinner that has the appropriate romantic ambiance will exponentially increase your chances of success.

Always choose those places that minimize distractions and remove competition. Some of these places are the bedroom, a remote location in a restaurant, on the seashore, on a top of a mountain, just to name a few.

Also remember that the surroundings can be quite simulative. Never underestimate the power of soft music and candlelight or the beauty of mother nature.

2. Surprise Him

One of the most powerful seduction techniques in your arsenal is the element of surprise. For that, you need to capitalize on the beauty of your body. Choose a beautiful dress and pamper yourself before going out to meet him.

Surprise him by waiting quietly in bed with nothing but your bare essentials. That sexy lingerie will leave him astounded and will make you break through all the barriers that he has built up in time. This should drive him crazy in bed.  Remember, men’s top weak spot is sight. If they like what they see, most men will be hooked by your beauty.

3. Understand the Power of Scent

According to numerous studies, the scent is the single most important subconscious influence that has power to affect men’s judgment. If you’ve read Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, you know what I’m talking about.

As a woman, you can greatly enhance your natural pheromones and become extremely appealing to his senses by using aromatherapy oils such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose or sandalwood. Make your unique scent imprint into his memory and you will be able to seduce the man in your life over and over again.

4. Be Super Confident and Show it

Men simply love confident women. This is yet another weak spot in them that you can leverage. If you have the confidence of a supermodel, you will always get to his heart and seduce him.

On another note, try not to overdo it and become arrogant. Being confident in yourself translates in how you dress, act and think. Keep a straight posture, look him in the eyes and stay in control of everything that happens. Then notice the outcome.

5. Make Him Laugh

Laughing has a way of its own in melting down the walls of your man’s heart. Whether you’re in the initial flirty convo or you’re already in a relationship, the first step in seducing him is making him laugh.

Authentically laugh is known to increase the levels of serotonin and endorphins, plus reduce stress levels. Additionally, if you can make him laugh, you will start to gain his respect, and that means you are on the right path to conquering his heart.

6. Send out your Signals of Interest

Now we’re getting out the big guns. To seduce him, you have to send him little signals that can spark his interest and make him aware that you want him. Here are some of the best signals you can send:

  • Caress your feet or close objects
  • Gently play with your hair
  • Pick some fluff off his jacket, even though there might be none
  • Lean forward and whisper in his ear
  • Wet your lips and bite them slowly from time to time

While experienced men can easily read these signs, inexperienced ones might not detect them. However, almost all men will notice that something is going out.

7. Use the Killing Eye Technique

In case your man shows no reaction to your signals of interest, you should try the killing eye technique. Look straight into his eyes and when he looks back at you, lower your glance and put that innocent, embarrassed smile.

You can look again a moment later and lower your eyes if he looks back at you. This will make him bewildered and quite intrigued by your behavior, and will entice him to get to know you at a deeper level.

8. Talk a Little Dirty

This is yet another seduction technique that might work wonders, both for re-heating a long-term relationship that has gone cold or for casual dating whose endpoint is the bedroom. According to Dr. Jenn Mann ( , talking dirty is one of the biggest turn ons for a guy.In case you don’t have the courage to voice your desires, you can always text them or use a chat platform.

9. Touch Him, Accidentally of Course

You never want to touch a man, unless you do it accidentally and with the purpose of seducing him. This is quite simple: reach out for something and touch him accidentally on the leg, shoulder or hand.

The secret here is to be playful and to use the power of touching in your advantage. Do not make it too obvious and you will enjoy a resounding success.

Your touch will create just enough tension to make him want you badly.

10. Use the Final Ingredient

Ultimately, in order to seduce a man, you need to make it undercover. He must never feel seduced. He must think that he is seducing you. Make him feel in control, give him the victor’s crown, and he won’t suspect anything.


Master the art of seduction and get what you want from the man you love. Be mysterious and playful, use the surrounding in your advantage, awake the explorer in him and take advantage of your body language to flirt. Your success is guaranteed if you master these seducing techniques.

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