Top 5 Alpha Female Characteristics

Do you possess Alpha Female characteristics? We're living in the age of the Alpha female. From Beyonce to Hillary Clinton, the world is increasingly influenced by this smart, powerful women who are confident in both their private and public lives.  Do you have the traits and characteristics that define this new type of woman? Let's walk through this checklist and figure out the answer together.

1. You Want A Man, But You Don't Need A Man

An Alpha female is passionate, loving and happy to be in a relationship. You don't need a man in your life to feel complete. If you're at the point in your life where you just want to date casually, then you'll do that as well as any Playboy bachelor. But when you do meet that special man, you can be a steady and supportive companion. But you're no arm candy and you're no one's romantic pushover.

2. You Don't Back Down

Men do call you that “B” word on a regular basis. But it's not because you're difficult. Or at least, you're not difficult just for the sake of being that way. You just know what you want and don't want to settle for second best. And if someone wants to talk you out of what you think of as yours, then they had better make a pretty good argument. Because you won't back down just because they're a man or because you are afraid of embarrassing them.

3. You're High Maintenance

It's not just that you expect to well cared of by your man. Although that is certainly part of the equation. You demand a lot from everyone around you and there are times when you make it sound as if getting your way 100 percent of the time isn't just easier. It's what you deserve. Granted, there is some joy in being able to please such a demanding woman on a regular basis. But it is a stressful dance and the problem with being high maintenance is that giving you what you demand only makes you want more.

4. There Is No Part Of Being With You That Is Easy

From your personal life to the way you delegate at work, there is no part of being with you that is easy or predictable. You don't take anything for granted and you expect the best performance from people, whether they're in the bedroom or the boardroom. You don't overlook stupid mistakes and you expect everyone around you to perform at your high level 24/7. But the secret truth is that you are even harder on yourself than you are on everyone else. Although that probably isn't much consolation to them.

5. But You Are Totally Worth It

For all of your quirks and emotional explosions and difficult conversations, the truth is that being with you makes up for a lot of grief along the way. You are a precious prize and any man who can persuade you to stick around will find a loyal partner, passionate lover and a woman who is a treasure in every way.

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