8 Ways to Make your Boyfriend Happy in Bed

For relationships to sustain, achieving physical intimacy is important. Two people feel most complete when their bodies are fully in sync with each other.

Though both men and women enjoy sex equally, each responds differently in the bedroom. While most women enjoy softer expressions of love, most men feel turned on when their partner talks dirty.

Since shyness and inhibitions prevail in most bedrooms, sometimes it becomes hard to decipher what is it that your partner wants.

If you are having a hard time understanding the needs and desires of your boyfriend, this article is for you.

Here we discuss 8 ways to make your boyfriend happy in bed.

1. Be encouraging

When it comes to performing sexually, most men feel immense pressure. Men, in general, are an insecure lot. It is quite likely that somewhere at the back of his mind, there is this thought brewing that if he doesn't satisfy you sexually, you will be less happier in the relationship. One of the 8 ways to make your boyfriend happy in bed is to be always encouraging towards him. Praise him when he makes love, praise him when he finishes. Let him know how much your enjoy his caresses and kisses. Reassure him and he will get better with every attempt.

2. Believe in experimenting

Men tend to get bored easily. While doing the same thing everyday may seem convenient to you, your boyfriend is actually wishing for something more in his heart. He may not say it, but he definitely wants new things in the bedroom. So, ditch that same move you make everyday. Try a new position every now and then. Surprise him with a sexy costume or a quirky toy. He will be forever thankful.

3. Fulfill his fantasy

Every man has a sexual fantasy. However, in most cases, men are too shy to discuss it with their girlfriends. As their partner, it's your duty to make your men talk about his sexual fantasies with you. When he does, do not smear or make an expression that might make him go quiet. Instead, listen to him intently. While you may not be able to do everything he dreams of, do whatever you can to make him happy in bed.

4. A good massage is a great turn on

A good massage scores highly on our list of 8 ways to make your boyfriend happy. A good massage will not only turn your boyfriend, it will also soothe his mind, body and soul. Not just that, it will also prepare him for a good session of love-making. If you want him to keep coming back and wanting more, start by giving him a sensuous massage and end by giving him an amazing orgasm.

5. Don't make him wait

If a man loves you, he will not make too many demands. Irrespective of whatever you think, men are actually quite caring. They are often quite hesitant about demanding sex because they do not want to offend their partner in anyway. However, if and when they demand it, do not make them wait. Chances are it took him great efforts to ask you for it.

6. Play peek-a-boo through your clothes

Here's one of the tried and tested 8 ways to make your boyfriend happy in bed — play peek-a-boo through your clothes. To any man, a scantily dressed woman is sexier than a naked women. Most of the men's magazines use this mantra to entice readers. Invest in a negligee or a good lingerie. Learn the art of tempting and use it in your favor. Unwrapping you will be more fun for him than directly jumping to the sex part.

7. Explore his body, compliment him

If you want to please your man sexually, explore his body. Soothe him with soft kisses. Most women think that men like rough sex. They do, but they also like being enjoyed. The chest is a man's most erogenous zone. Kiss him there and move up the neck. Once he is into the moment, give him a full-blown mouth to mouth kiss. He will be unable to resist your confidence and efforts.

8. Men love it when you are on top

This is the trick that always works. Men love it when a woman goes on top. When you are actually riding him, your boyfriend will not only be able to enjoy a sex session without doing any work, he will also get a full view of your upper body. This will turn him on sexually in more ways than you think. So, make a note –when nothing works, go on top.

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