What attracts men to women – 5 Irresistible Attributes

Physical attributes such as your smile or body shape may get his attention but other attributes will hold his attention.

Your sexiness will not keep his attention on you and neither will your attractiveness.

Other factors play a crucial role in holding his attention on you for a long term, to the point that he gets down on bended knees when he feels like he can't spend the rest of his life without you.

Men in search of shallow or short term relationships will be more attracted to the physical attributes on offer, however, those in need of a long lasting, meaningful relationship will look much deeper than the woman's skin.

So, what attracts men to women?

Let's takeĀ a look at some of the attributes on what attracts men to women that will keep his attention on you for longer


Yes, a smiling woman is a lot more attractive to a man than one who isn't! Generally, humans whether male or female would much rather spend time with a person with a smile than one that is always sad. To the man, a smile indicates the woman's friendly nature and her confidence, thereby attracting her to him.

Challenge him and make him feel good about himself

This attribute is what attracts men to women because by nature, men are hunters and so they wish to have a challenge at hand to keep them interested. Let him to the chasing.

Let him do those manly things that make him feel good about himself. If he wishes to pay for a date, much as you are so independent, be sure to let him because nothing makes a man happier than the knowledge that he is able to do something good for the person he cares for.

Love yourself, be happy and comfortable in your own skin

If you think that you are going to get a man to fill that unhappy void in you, you better think again! This falls in line with the first point of smiling.

You need to be comfortable in your own skin without being obnoxious about it if you wish to hold his attention for long.

He will like it if you don't cling to him every second of the day!

Your personality and character

Granted, different people go for different traits or characters, however, men looking for serious long term relationships with a woman will look deeper than her skin, they will go deeper in finding out what really makes her tick and whether or not she is a good fit.

Be Feminine

Much as being independent and doing as you please is all well and good, being feminine is what will attract men to women every time! Most men prefer a nurturing, caring and loving woman to a mean one regardless of how attractive she may be.

Don't forget your femininity if you wish to hold his interest for long! Don't forget to be girly every once so often! Wear that dress, smell nice and groom yourself.

Ultimately, it goes well beyond the physical attributes and touches on the woman's core values, character and mannerisms. Sure, at first sight, he will be attracted to one physical aspect or another but that will not hold his attention for very long if some of the core things he looks for in a woman are not present.

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