Where to Touch a Guy to Turn Him On

where to touch a guy turn him on

While plenty is constantly reported and published about the erogenous zones or spots in a woman's body, quality content is found to be lacking somewhat when it comes to men.

To change the common trend, this article discusses some of the most effective triggers that are present on a man's body.

When aptly served, these hotspots can act like shortcuts to bring about a raging passion in your male partner. Why wait then, let's find out where to touch a guy to turn him on!

The Neck

Men enjoy being kissed and caressed around the neck area as much as women do. However, more than the sides of the neck (the area between the collarbone and the ear), it is the front of a man's neck that is the most sensitive area.

According to ancient Chinese medicine sutras, the thyroid (located just below the Adam's apple) is closely linked to the sexual organs in a man's body and as such, acts as a major stimulation point.

Hot Tip: Next time you are in bed with your man, try warming him up with wet kisses and warm licks over his Adam's apple. A few hot circular motions with your tongue is all it will take to make him hot in no time!

The Lower Lip

Obviously. Nothing excites a man as much as a soft, wet, sensual kiss from the warm lips of his lover. But the real turn on is located on that tiny slope between his lower lip and the chin.

This particular region happens to contain extra-sensitive nerve receptors that bring that extra zing to a wet kiss on a man's lips.

Hot Tip: Suck on that lower lip with your mouth when kissing him. Then use the tip of your tongue to stroke that tiny area under his lower lip and watch him go into an sexual overdrive.


You must have noticed how during the middle of sex, men often tend to make their partners suck on their fingers. This is because it almost feels the same as you sucking his penis.

More precisely, it has been found that the thumb can actually work as a g-spot for a lot men for the same reason as told above.

So, why not make that move when you two are still engaged in foreplay and watch what unfolds?

Hot Tip: During the foreplay, try sucking on his middle finger and the thumb, all the while gazing into his eyes and give him a sensual preview of the things to come!


For most men, nipples are largely an area that they seldom are able to get any attention upon. It is the other way round usually.

However, the very fact that their nipples are rarely experimented with, makes them exciting for men.

Therefore, in most cases, merely touching a man's nipples is sure to send them over the erotic edge in no time.

Hot Tip: There is this trick called the “ice-cream swirl”. As the name suggests, it involves swirling your man's nipples with your tongue and then finally, as you reach it, flicking, biting and sucking on it. In order to multiply the experience, suck on some ice cubes before doing the swirl.

This will make your tongue ice cold, which in turn will make the nipples all charged up with heightened sensations.


Rather, the soles of the feet. The male body has a higher number of nerve endings on the soles as compared to the female one.

The precise point is described in acupressure as being located about one-third of the way down from the third toe, exactly opposite to the arch in the centre of the sole.

Applying pressure on this point tends to send a massive boost to the blood flow throughout the body and to his penis, getting him all aroused and ready to go.

Hot Tip: Include a delicate foot massage in the foreplay. Focus on the point as described above by using your thumb and rubbing it around the same spot. Keep a warm towel nearby to get his feet warm. It will aid the erotic massage.

Tip of the Penis

This is the most erotic spot than any other one on the body. Most men will tell you so. The head of the penis is like the nexus of male sex nerve receptors.

By putting enough pressure on the tip, you will find your man reeling with ecstasy and sexual pleasure. However, try not to overdo it as you don't want him recoiling with sensory overload either.

Hot Tip: Treat the penis as your lipstick. Apply just as much pressure too. Kiss it with your closed yet relaxed lips and then, rub it along your wet mouth as if applying a lipstick.

Opening your lips just a little bit while rubbing it against them heightens the sensation. Don't forget to take the penis in your mouth occasionally in between, get it moist and then rub it over your mouth again and again.


The Frenulum is that soft, delicate area where head of the penis links with the rest of the penis. You can tell how much erotic this particular spot is by the fact that the nerve concentration here is considered to be the same as present in a female clitoris.

So, when you touch this bundle of nerves, you are sure to set a chain of sexual reactions in your man.

Hot Tip: While holding his penis with your hand, encircle the crown with your tongue and as you reach the Frenulum, flick it with your tongue in a hard and fast manner.

This will send him flipping over into sexual ecstasy in seconds. At the same time, work his shaft up and down with your hands and watch as he moans his way to an out of this world orgasm.


It is located just beneath the testicles and between the base of the penis and the anus. This smooth skinned area can be exploited to indirectly manipulate the prostrate gland – the orgasmic source of nerve endings in men.

Most men are a bit shy about women going anywhere near their anuses, but the Perineum is located at a somewhat safe distance and so, they are more likely to enjoy you working on that area.

Hot Tip: Reach between his thighs and play with his entire package. When your hand is around his testicles, apply some pressure on the Perineum using your fists in a vibrating manner. By kneading your knuckles in that soft and smooth flesh, you will be stimulate his prostrate gland in no time and help him reach an intense orgasm.

Alternatively, to make things even naughtier, you can use your tongue to fondle the Perineum.


Follow all these tips and you will know exactly where to touch a guy to turn him on whenever you want. These are all fantastic erotic spots on a man's body and you can learn to enjoy them only when you are practising them regularly. So, don't be afraid to experiment.

Next time you are having that romantic dinner, tell him that you want to take things to a different level altogether.

Trust us, when it comes to sex, men like to keep things exciting and by keeping him on edge, you will be doing not just him but yourself a huge favor too!

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